Edward Herrmann

is a geoarchaeologist who uses methods and theories developed in the geosciences to study archaeological questions. He is a Research Scientist and faculty member in the Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at Indiana University (IU). His training and research are multidisciplinary, straddling the fields of anthropology, archaeology, history, geology, and earth science.

Most recently, Dr. Herrmann was the inaugural Executive Director for the Indiana University Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, where he directed the new museum’s concept, design, social justice mission, and research focus. As Director, Ed fostered relationships with Native colleagues to provide an Indigenous voice to museum exhibits, educational programs, research goals, curation, and staff training. During this time, he oversaw the IU Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act (NAGPRA) Office. He worked with American Indian communities to repatriate IU’s NAGPRA-related collections to associated tribes, culminating in a major regional repatriation to the Angel Mounds Site.

Ed was Chair of the Geoarchaeology Interest Group of the Society of American Archaeology, and is a member of numerous archaeological, museum, and Earth Sciences associations.