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ICMP Supports Iraqi Partners in Third Phase Of Mass Grave Exhumations in Kocho, Sinjar 

Baghdad, 27 June 2019. As part of its continuous support for the authorities in Iraq, a team from the Archeology and Anthropology Department of the International Commission on Missing Persons (ICMP) is working on the third phase of exhumations of mass graves in the village of Kochoin the Sinjar area of Nineveh Province 

The ICMP team is providing technical expertise and resources to support the Iraqi National Team, which is working with the UN Investigative Team (UNITAD) that is tasked with supporting accountability for crimes committed by Da’esh. 

“ICMP has a unique collection of expertise, which it has developed by working on efforts to account for large numbers of missing persons in many parts of the world,” the Head of ICMP’s Iraq Program, Adi Rizvic, said today. “It is essential that the exhumations in Kocho

International Organizations Meet at ICMP To Coordinate Action on Migration 


The Hague, 17 June 2019The International Commission on Missing Persons brought key international organizations together at its Headquarters in The Hague today to take part in a consultative roundtable on next steps in the Joint Process to Account for Persons Missing as a Result of Migration in the Mediterranean Region. 

In June last year, at a conference organized by ICMP in Rome, Cyprus, Greece, Italy and Malta asserted their intention to develop a Joint Process to coordinate their responses to the issue of missing migrantsThe Joint Process countries held their second meeting on 13 June at ICMP Headquarters in The Hague. 

At today’s roundtable, ICMP presented the findings of the survey it carried out, as part of the Joint Process, at the end of 2018 and the beginning of 2019 to assess the scope and extent of investigatory capacities…

Cyprus, Greece, Italy and Malta Meet at ICMP For the 2nd meeting of the Joint Process on Accounting for Missing Migrants   


13 June 2019: Meeting at the Headquarters of the International Commission on Missing Persons (ICMP) in The Hague today, representatives of Cyprus, Greece, Italy, and Malta participated in the second meeting of the Joint Process to further discuss cooperation on addressing the large number of people who continue to go missing on Mediterranean migration routes despite a reduction in the number of migrants arriving in Europe.  

Despite the decrease in the number of arrivals in Europe, more than 500 persons are reported to have died or to have gone missing in the Mediterranean region since the beginning of 2019. Globally, since 2014, more than 31,000 persons have been reported missing or deceased along migratory routes.  

Having met for the first time in Rome on 11 June 2018, the government representatives at the second meeting of the Joint Process discussed an…