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Daily World News Digest, 12 January 2018

Missing Mediterranean migrants

An opinion piece in the Irish Times highlights the need for a coordinated and ethical EU response to the issue of missing Mediterranean migrants. It notes among other things that the Council of Europe anti-trafficking body in its 2017 urgent procedure report on Italy expressed serious concern at the frequent disappearances of unaccompanied and separated migrant children from reception centers, many suspected of having fallen victim to criminal trafficking networks.

Number of refugees and migrants coming to Europe decreasing

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) has reported that the number of people who arrived in Europe by sea in 2017 was less than half the figure in 2016. Fewer than 172,000 people – mostly fleeing conflict in the Middle East and poverty in Africa – crossed the Mediterranean into Italy, Greece, Cyprus and Spain in 2017, compared to more than 363,000 in 2016.

Caribbean migrant casualties


Daily World News Digest, 11 January 2018

Myanmar military admits troops murdered Rohingya found in mass grave

Myanmar’s military has said its soldiers murdered 10 captured Muslim “terrorists” during insurgent attacks at the beginning of September, after Buddhist villagers forced the captured men into a grave they had dug. “Villagers and members of the security forces have confessed that they committed murder,” the military said in a statement, a rare admission of wrongdoing during operations in the western state of Rakhine which triggered an exodus of more than 650,000 Rohingya Muslim villagers.

Kosovo war victims slam MPs’ bid to stop Special Chambers

Rights campaigners and survivors of the 1999 Kosovo war have criticized attempts by MPs in Pristina to stop the new Specialist Chambers, which will try former Kosovo Liberation Army fighters, claiming that obstructing the Chambers “would be the greatest insult for the families of victims”. The initiative to challenge the law governing the new Specialist…

Daily World News Digest, 10 January 2018

ICMP launches initiative to identify missing migrants

The International Commission on Missing Persons (ICMP) has launched a program to help relatives of migrants who have gone missing trying to cross the Mediterranean to find their loved ones. Thanks to funding from Switzerland, the organization will implement a program to account for missing Mediterranean migrants over the next two years.

More migrants drown off coast of Libya

Between 90 and 100 migrants are missing after their makeshift boat sank off the coast of Libya, the country’s navy said late Tuesday, adding that rescuers had saved 17 people. In another incident, the Libyan navy said it had rescued 267 migrants of various African nationalities, off Zawiya to the west of Tripoli. Last year, 3,116 people died trying to cross the Mediterranean, according to the International Organization for Migration (IOM), including 2,833 from Libya.

Lawyers call on Pakistan to investigate enforced…

Daily World News Digest, 9 January 2018

Iraq: remains of 20 women found in mass grave in Mosul

A mass grave with the remains of women who had been tortured has been found in Mosul in northern Iraq, according to a police source. Security forces have recovered the bodies along with their identity cards and transferred them to the forensic medicine department in Mosul.

Transitional justice in Nepal criticized

Human rights activists and victims’ associations have said that extending the tenure of Nepal’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission and Commission of Inquiry on Enforced Disappeared Persons without amending their laws in line with a Supreme Court order will only prolong the employment of office bearers, without delivering justice to victims.

France: Da’esh foreign fighters “could be tried by Kurds in Syria”

France’s Justice Minister Nicole Belloubet has said that French nationals who travelled to Syria to join Da’esh could be tried by the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces. The…

Daily World News Digest, 8 January 2018

Mediterranean claims first migrant casualties in 2018

Libya’s coastguard has recovered the bodies of two female migrants and picked up at least 250 survivors from two boats east of Tripoli. One of the boats sank and the other was badly overcrowded, coastguard officials said. Survivors said that several dozen migrants were unaccounted for and were feared to have drowned. The first reports of migrants being lost in the Mediterranean since the beginning of the new year came on Saturday. Slightly fewer than half as many migrants reached Europe by sea in 2017 than 2016, according to the International Organization for Migration (IOM), largely because of a drop in crossings between Libya and Italy. The IOM said that more than 171,500 migrants arrived in Europe by sea last year.

Syria’s festering war wound: legions of the missing

More than 100,000 people have disappeared in the Syrian ’s conflict, according to human-rights…