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Daily World News Digest, 7 June 2018

Yemen: 46 migrants die as boat capsizes off coast

At least 46 migrants died and 16 others went missing when a boat capsized off the Yemeni coast in the Gulf of Aden, the International Organization for Migration said in a statement on Wednesday. The accident occurred after at least 100 Ethiopian migrants, 83 men and 17 women, left the port of Bosaso in Somalia on an overloaded smugglers’ boat on Tuesday.

Guatemala: nearly 200 people missing after eruption

More than 75 people are dead, with another 3,319 in shelters and 200 missing after the eruption of Guatemala’s Volcano of Fire, The Guardian reports. Firefighters said the chance of finding anyone alive amid the still-steaming terrain was practically non-existent 72 hours after the volcanic explosion on Sunday.

UN urges Bangladesh to halt killings of suspected drug offenders

Bangladeshi security forces have shot dead around 130 people and arrested 13,000 in the…

Daily World News Digest, 6 June 2018

Identifying migrant bodies in the Mediterranean

The triangle of coastal towns connecting Tripoli, Zouara and Lampedusa has been dubbed “the black zone” by locals because of the number of bodies of undocumented migrants that have been found in the area. Open Democracy reports on efforts to identify human remains when there is no information regarding nationality and no personal belongings. The article notes that identification is still possible using advanced DNA technology.

Mexico: wave of disappearances in Nuevo Laredo

The Mexican government has been urged to end a wave of disappearances in Nuevo Laredo, a city on the border with Texas, Business Insider Nederland reports.  The UN said at the end of May that 21 men and two women had disappeared in Nuevo Laredo between February and 16 May  and that there are “strong indications that these crimes have been committed by federal security forces.”

Pakistan: Commission says 3,331…

Daily World News Digest, 5 June 2018

Death toll in Mediterranean capsize rises to 60

Reuters reports that the death toll from a ship packed with migrants that sank off the Tunisian coast last weekend has risen to 60, according to the International Organization for Migration, which said 48 of the victims are Tunisians and 12 are non-Tunisian.

“State-organized” killings in Pakistan

Several Pashtun ethnic rights activists were killed and at least 25 were wounded in one of Pakistan’s tribal regions on Sunday, when Taliban militants attacked their gathering and security forces opened fire on protesters during disturbances that followed, according to Reuters. The Pashtun Tahaffuz Movement alleges that thousands of Pashtuns were targeted in state-organized killings after Pakistan joined the US-led war on terror in 2001.

Mexico: missing persons total rises to 37,435

Mexico News Daily reports there are 37,435 missing persons in Mexico, according to the Interior Secretariat, which is 40 percent more than…

“Profiles of the Missing” to Examine Issue of Persons Missing As a Result of Migration in the Mediterranean Region

The Hague, 31 May 2018: The International Commission on Missing Persons (ICMP) and the Embassy of Switzerland will organize a “Profiles of the Missing” event in Rome on 11 June.

Profiles of the Missing is a public forum that brings together families of missing persons to examine core elements of the missing persons issue, raise public awareness, make recommendations, and demonstrate to policymakers that this issue is an indispensable element in addressing regional security, conflict-prevention, peace building and international justice. The active participation of surviving relatives of the missing is central to the Profiles approach.

The Profiles of the Missing event on 11 June in Rome will examine current approaches to accounting for persons missing as a result of migration in the Mediterranean region. It will follow a series of meetings in Rome designed to launch a multilateral initiative to tackle this issue.

Her Majesty Queen Noor, who has been an ICMP…

Daily World News Digest, 4 June 2018

ICMP helps Mediterranean countries address issue of missing migrants

ICMP Director-General Kathryne Bomberger speaks to the Greek newspaper Ta Nea about a new international program that will be launched in June to establish a joint mechanism among Cyprus Greece, Italy, and Malta to address the migration crisis. She said the process will seek to identify how many migrants have gone missing, including the living as well as those who have died in the Mediterranean, as well as an analysis of steps already being taken by countries. (article in Greek)

At least 46 migrants drown, dozens missing after boat sinks in Mediterranean

Al Jazeera reports that at least 46 migrants drowned when their boat sank off Tunisia’s southern coast, while dozens of others were rescued by the coastguard. The International Organization for Migration said there were more than 70 survivors from the shipwreck. “There were around 180 of us on…

Daily World News Digest, 1 June 2018

Mediterranean: 655 migrant fatalities so far this year

The International Organization for Migration reports that 30,300 migrants and refugees entered Europe by sea through the first 147 days of 2018, with about 40 percent arriving in Italy, 35 percent in Greece, and 25 percent in Spain. In the Mediterranean 655 people have lost their lives at sea since the beginning of the year.

Pakistan: disappearance after detention by security forces

The BBC cites community activists in Pakistan, who say that 140 members of the Shia community have disappeared in the past two years. Their families believe they were taken into custody by the intelligence services. The head of the Shia Missing Persons Committee in Karachi says most of the men were detained after returning from pilgrimage to the Middle East. According to official data, there are more than 1,500 unresolved cases of enforced disappearances in Pakistan.

Iran accused of…