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Daily World News Digest, 18 May 2018

 Mediterranean: new initiative on missing migrants

To produce a clearer picture of the nature and scale of the European Migration Crisis, Italy, Greece, Malta, and Cyprus will explore measures to coordinate data collection and other activities related to migrants who have gone missing at sea. In partnership with the International Commission on Missing Persons, they will explore ways of accounting for missing migrants in the Mediterranean region.

Asia: civil society under attack

The Guardian has published an assessment of the operating climate for human rights workers in Asia, noting that across the continent they “face visa restrictions, confiscation of passports, travel bans, arbitrary police investigations and detention and in some of the most extreme cases, denial of medical treatment, extrajudicial killings and disappearance”.

Extrajudicial killings in the Philippines

Indigenous peoples and advocacy groups on Thursday submitted complaints, including the alleged extrajudicial killing of 41 people, to the UN Special Rapporteur…

Daily World News Digest, 17 May 2018

Extrajudicial killings in the Philippines

Almost 6,000 people have lost their lives in the Philippines since July 2017 as a result of President Rodrigo Duterte’s war on drugs, according to the Philippine National Police. The administration has been widely criticized internationally over the incidence of extrajudicial killings.

More than 1,000 bodies found in Colombian rivers

More than 1,080 bodies have been found in at least 190 Colombian rivers, according to a report called “Rivers of Life and Death” by journalists from the Paths of Conflicts and Redaction Council, released on Wednesday. Throwing bodies into rivers has been common practice among criminal groups during decades of conflict.

Mediterranean migrant deaths reach 628

The International Organization for Migration reports that 25,338 migrants and refugees entered Europe by sea through the first 19 weeks of 2018, while 628 migrants are estimated to have died this year.

India: extrajudicial killings in Uttar…

Daily World News Digest, 16 May 2018

Mass grave of massacre victims found in the Gambia

A mass grave containing the bodies of 12 Africans allegedly killed by a paramilitary force controlled by the former president, Yahya Jammeh, has been identified near the Gambian capital, Banjul. The “Junglers” executed 54 people who were trying to make their way to Spain by sea in 2005, suspecting them of being mercenaries trying to overthrow the government, according to human rights groups that interviewed 30 Gambian officials.

Libya: EU policies said to fuel surge in detentions

A surge in migrants and refugees intercepted at sea by the Libyan authorities has seen at least 2,600 people transferred, in the past two months alone, to squalid detention centers where they face torture and extortion, Amnesty International said today. It said European governments are complicit in these abuses since they are actively supporting the Libyan authorities in stopping sea crossings and sending people…

Daily World News Digest, 15 May 2018

Groups help mothers, families of missing Tunisian migrants

A new project in Tunisia aims to bring attention to the plight of Tunisian migrants and their families. The Italian refugee migrant organization, Carovane Migrante, has partnered with Tunisian NGO La Terre Pour Tous, which supports more than 500 families of missing migrants, to bring a caravan to Tunisia, inspired by the Movimiento Migrante Mesoamerican in Mexico.

Bangladesh urged to investigate enforced disappearance

The UN Human Rights Council’s Universal Periodic Review (UPR) Working Group in Geneva on Monday recommended that Bangladesh thoroughly investigate all incidents of abductions, enforced disappearances, torture and extrajudicial killings, and urged the authorities to probe the alleged involvement of law enforcement agencies in such incidents and bring the perpetrators to justice.

Inadequate statistics on migrant deaths in US

The US Border Patrol has been tasked with tracking and trying to prevent border-crossing deaths, but an investigation by CNN has found that…

Daily World News Digest, 14 May 2018

Sri Lanka: Office on Missing Persons

Al Jazeera reports on the Office on Missing Persons (OMP) in Sri Lanka, which has been established as an independent agency to probe the disappearance of thousands of people during and after the country’s civil war. The OMP is the first of four mechanisms that Sri Lanka promised the UN Human Rights Council it would set up in its effort to grant justice to the victims.

Search continues for missing in Kosovo

The search for people who went missing during the war in Kosovo will continue in a number of locations in Kosovo and Serbia proper, the Kosovo government‘s Missing Persons Commission said in a report issued on Friday. Possible mass grave locations are being investigated in the Djakovica area in western Kosovo and forensic teams are waiting for warrants from prosecutors for another six locations.

Accounting for the missing in Nepal

The Himalayan…

Daily World News Digest, 11 May 2018

Enforced disappearances in Sri Lanka

Al Jazeera reports on efforts now underway in Sri Lanka to address decades of human rights abuses that have led to the disappearance of tens of thousands of citizens.

Mexican mothers mark their day pining for missing children

In Mexico City, hundreds of Mexican and Central American mothers marched on Thursday to demand that the authorities uncover the truth of what happened to their missing relatives, and deliver justice.  At least 157 people are missing in Mexico City and some 34,000 throughout the country, human rights groups say.

Philippines: 11,103 victims of human rights violations to receive compensation

The Human Rights’ Victims Claims Board (HRVCB) in the Philippines has released a final list of 11,103 victims of human rights violations under Martial law who will receive monetary compensation. Ten years of military rule after 1972 saw about 70,000 people imprisoned, 34,000 tortured and 3,240 killed,…

Daily World News Digest, 10 May 2018

ICMP submits 13 new identifications to Bosnian authorities

The International Commission on Missing Persons (ICMP) on Wednesday submitted 13 new DNA match reports to the Missing Persons Institute of Bosnia and Herzegovina. DNA profile processing was conducted at ICMP’s new laboratory in The Hague. “ICMP completed the laboratory transfer in late December 2017, and the new laboratory has become fully operational in record time,” said ICMP Western Balkans Program Manager Matthew Holliday.
(Article in BCS)

BIH: exhumation of war victims

An exhumation has been conducted in the village of Berkovići in southern Bosnia and Herzegovina at the order of the State Prosecutor’s Office and the Court of BiH. Fragments of several human remains have been found, some of which had been burnt. Analysis will determine how many victims were buried in the grave.

Two mass graves found in Iraqi homes

Two mass graves have been uncovered in the sewage…

ICMP Expresses Appreciation for German Support

The Hague, 9 May 2018: Mr Rüdiger Kȍnig, Director-General for Crisis Prevention, Stabilization, Peacebuilding and Humanitarian Assistance in the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs, visited the International Commission on Missing Persons today, together with Gräfin Verana von Roedern, Minister Counsellor at the German Embassy in The Netherlands.

ICMP Director-General Kathryne Bomberger briefed the visitors on key ICMP programs that are supported by Germany, and highlighted programs, such as ICMP’s Center for Excellence and Training (CET) and its Disaster Victim Identification (DVI) platform, for which ICMP is seeking international support. The CET and DVI platform are designed to operate as global resources to help countries implement effective strategies to account for missing persons.

Germany has supported ICMP’s program in the Western Balkans since 2001, making it possible to account for more than 70 percent of those who went missing during the conflicts of the…

Daily World News Digest, 09 May 2018

India: extrajudicial killings target vulnerable social groups

A report compiled by a rights group, Citizens Against Hate, claims that extrajudicial killings have taken place in Uttar Pradesh in northern India in recent months, with the victims mostly from vulnerable social groups such as Dalits and Muslims. Senior Supreme Court lawyer Prashant Bhushan said police had been responsible for murders and called for an investigation by the National Human Rights Commission.

Italy’s migration agreement with Libya faces legal challenge

Italy’s collaboration with Libya to stop migrants reaching Europe is facing a legal challenge over allegations that it has led to grave human rights violations including torture and slavery. A lawsuit filed in the European court of Human Rights alleges that Italy’s work with the Libyan coastguard, which has stopped migrant boats at Italy’s behest and forced thousands of people to return to Libya against their will, has subjected them to…

ICMP Assists Bosnia and Herzegovina With 13 New Identifications Related to the Conflict of the 1990s

Sarajevo 9 May 2018: The International Commission on Missing Persons (ICMP) today submitted 13 new DNA match reports to the BIH Missing Persons Institute. The DNA profiles were processed at ICMP’s new laboratory system at its Headquarters in The Hague.

“ICMP completed its laboratory transition at the end of December 2017 and the new laboratory became fully operational in record time,” the Head of ICMP’s Western Balkans Program, Matthew Holliday, said today. “ICMP continues to provide uninterrupted access to DNA testing and matching of biological samples submitted by BIH authorities at no cost to BIH, as it has done since 2001. There has been no change to ICMP’s assistance to BIH since ICMP moved its headquarters to The Hague.”

ICMP became a treaty-based inter-governmental organization in 2014 and in line with the new Agreement on ICMP’s Status and Functions, it moved its headquarters to The Hague. ICMP’s headquarters include its DNA…