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ICMP Welcomes Key Step Forward In Colombia’s Missing Persons Process

The Hague, 22 February 2018: The International Commission on Missing Persons (ICMP) joins other organizations and governments working to support the Comprehensive System of Truth, Justice, Reparation and Non-Repetition (SIVJRNR) in Colombia in welcoming the formal swearing-in on Wednesday of Luz Marina Monzón as the first Director of the Search Unit for Missing Persons.

“Almost 85,900 missing persons cases have to be resolved in Colombia,” ICMP Director-General Kathryne Bomberger said today. “The Search Unit has been established to address this issue in an effective way, as required by the Final Peace Agreement, and its success will have a significant bearing on the success of the peace process as a whole. Luz Marina Monzón’s swearing-in is a key step forward, and ICMP will work closely with the new Director to support the work of the Unit.”

The issue of missing persons was a central part of the negotiations between the Government and…

ICMP Helps to Identify Victims Of 1970s Military Regime in Brazil

The Hague, 20 February 2018: The Perus Working Group (PWG), which was established in 2014 to identify bodies that were interred in a clandestine mass grave in Sao Paulo, Brazil, has announced the first identification of a victim buried at the cemetery: Dimas Antonio Casemiro, who was killed by agents of the military regime in April 1971.

The remains of opponents of the military government were buried at the cemetery without identification between 1971 and 1975.

The identification of the body of Dimas Antonio Casemiro was confirmed following analysis of biological samples sent from Brazil to ICMP’s laboratory system.

The DNA Match Report was brought to Sao Paulo by the Director of ICMP’s Science & Technology Program, Dr. Thomas Parsons.

“This was an extremely complex undertaking,” said Dr. Samuel Ferreira, the Scientific Coordinator of Brazil’s Special Commission on Political Deaths and Disappearances, who is also…

ICMP Agreement Boosts Efforts To Identify Missing Persons in Sinjar Region

Duhok, 11 February: In an effort to assist in accounting for missing persons from Da’esh crimes, the International Commission on Missing Persons (ICMP) and the Commission for Investigation and Gathering Evidence (CIGE), which has its headquarters in Duhok in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, today signed an agreement that will give CIGE access to ICMP’s Integrated Data Management System (iDMS).

The iDMS is a global data system capability that ICMP provides to governments, families of the missing, technical experts and others. It has a set of powerful integrated applications that support the process of storing, processing and analyzing data on missing persons investigations, and identifications. As an estimated one million persons are missing from a variety of circumstances over the last 50 years of Iraq’s history, ICMP’s goal is to ensure access to the iDMS for all Iraqi institutions whose work is…

Croatia to Incorporate ICMP’s Data Systems Technologies for Missing Persons Cases

The Hague, 6 February 2018: The Republic of Croatia and the International Commission on Missing persons (ICMP) will work together to put the effort to account for 1,945 people missing from the Republic of Croatia during 1991-1995.

“The relevant authorities of the Republic of Croatia have cooperated with ICMP for almost two decades and, with new forensic and database technology now available, we believe that we can build on the activities we have already done together,” Assistant Minister Stjepan Sucic of the Ministry of Croatian Defenders said today during a visit to ICMP’s Headquarters in The Hague. “A major challenge is to ensure accurate information on missing persons and clandestine graves which is preconditioned by the necessary political support to the process of accounting of the missing and promotion of public awareness.”

During the visit, Assistant Minister Stjepan Sucic, together with Visnja Bilic, head of the Ministry of Croatian Defenders’ Department…