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ICMP Convenes Session of Working Group

Baghdad, 23 November 2017: In Baghdad today, ICMP convened a meeting of the Working Group on Data Processing and Protection, focusing on steps that can be taken by Iraqi stakeholders to improve the legal framework supporting efforts to account for the missing. The Working Group brings together representatives of ministries and other government agencies and institutions in Iraq that have a public mandate to address the issue of the missing.

Today’s meeting examined personal data processing in the context of Articles 19 and 20 of the International Convention for the Protection of All Persons from Enforced Disappearance (CED).

ICMP’s Director of Policy and Cooperation Andreas Kleiser presented internationally recognized principles relevant to efforts to investigate the whereabouts of the missing and the circumstances of their disappearance. He invited the group to meet again for further discussion of proposals for legislative reform that…

Justice and Rights for the Families of the Missing from Bosnia and Herzegovina

Kada Hotic from Srebrenica in eastern Bosnia, and Smilja Mitrovic from Bijeljina in the northeastern part of the country lost family members in the 1992-95 conflict. Their circumstances were different but for more than two decades, they have been engaged in the same struggle – to find out the fate of their loved ones and to secure justice for survivors.

Kada Hotic lost fifty members of her extended family in the Srebrenica Genocide, including her husband, her son, her two brothers and her brother-in-law.

Kada is the Vice President of the Mothers of Srebrenica Association. Dynamic and forthright, she says she became involved in the association as a way of coping with grief. “I’m working to ensure that what happened is not forgotten, and helping others too. While I have life, I will do everything in…

Germany Continues Support for ICMP in Iraq

The Hague, 6 November: The German Federal Foreign Office has provided ICMP with a grant of 1,178,445 Euros to continue its assistance in helping the Iraqi authorities address the vast and complicated issue of locating and identifying missing and disappeared persons from decades of conflict, human rights abuses and other causes. This grant builds upon earlier contributions made between 2010-2017 for Iraq and allows ICMP to expand its work through 2018.

Between 250,000 and one million people have gone missing in Iraq from decades of conflict and human rights abuse. Although the country has taken steps to address the issue through legislation and the establishment of institutions, including signing the International Convention on the Protection of All Persons from Enforced Disappearance in 2010, these efforts have been severely constrained by continuing and chronic instability. The inability to deal adequately with the missing persons issue has undermined attempts to address the…