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Daily World News Digest, 10 October 2017

Searching for the missing in Mosul

Two months after the nine-month battle to liberate Mosul from Da’esh, many victims of the fighting are still unaccounted for, lying beneath the rubble. Civil Defense workers, mostly trained as firefighters and rescue workers are recovering bodies from the ruins to return them to their families. The process is painfully slow as workers move cautiously to avoid leftover ordnance.

Syria: Wives of disappeared detainees face uncertainty

Syria Direct has published an in-depth analysis of the impact of arbitrary detention on families in Syria. An estimated 92,000 detainees are currently held by Syrian government forces according to the UK-based Syrian Network for Human Rights (SNHR). Among them are more than 76,000 victims of enforced disappearance since March 2011.

 Iraqi army forces find Da’esh mass grave west of Ramadi

Iraqi forces have found a mass grave in the country’s western province of Anbar containing the…

Daily World News Digest, 9 October 2017

Sri Lanka: support for Enforced Disappearances Bill

Sri Lanka’s Human Rights Commission, in a written submission on the International Convention for the Protection of All Persons from Enforced Disappearances Bill, has described the proposed legislation as a positive step towards addressing the long history of disappearances in Sri Lanka and stemming impunity for gross violations of human rights, and has asked President Maithripala Sirisena to ensure that the bill is enacted.

Libya: Bodies of 21 Coptic Christians found in mass grave

Libya’s interior ministry has said it has found a mass grave with the bodies of 21 Coptic Christians who were beheaded by Da’esh two years ago. The grave was found after a Da’esh prisoner made a confession. It contains bodies of 20 Egyptians and a man of unknown African nationality. The remains have been sent to a forensics laboratory in Misrata for DNA testing.

Genocide victims buried in…

Daily World News Digest, 6 October 2017

Enforced disappearances in Malaysia

Malaysia’s Human Rights Commission, an official state organization, is to organize a 10-day public inquiry into the disappearances of Pastor Raymond Koh, Pastor Joshua Hilmy and his wife Ruth, and social activist Amri Che Mat, who were abducted at the end of 2016 and the beginning of 2017. Commission Chair Razali Ismail said the inquiry would “seek to determine if these cases meet the criteria as defined under the International Convention for the Protection of all Persons from Enforced Disappearances.”

Iraq: Two more mass graves found in Hawija

Iraqi paramilitary forces have discovered two more mass graves following the recapture of the Da’esh stronghold of Hawija, southwest of Kirkuk. The graves are reported to contain the remains of soldiers and civilians, including women and children.

Colombia’s congress amends justice agreement

Colombia’s Congress has “unilaterally changed” a transitional justice system agreed with demobilized FARC rebels last…

Daily World News Digest, 5 October 2017

Serbian court upholds landmark Srebrenica trial

The first trial in Serbia for the mass killings of Bosniaks from Srebrenica will continue, after an appeals court overturned an earlier ruling that required the prosecutor to file new charges. The trial opened in February this year but the original charges were dismissed in July because they were not filed by the authorized prosecutor, as the Serbian war crimes prosecutor’s position was vacant at the time. The new war crimes prosecutor, Snezana Stanojkovic, then filed a motion to continue the trial, but this was rejected by the Higher Court. The Higher Court has now been overturned by the Appeals Court, allowing the trial to continue. The eight former members of a Bosnian Serb special police unit stand accused of organizing and participating in the shooting of more than 1,300 Bosniak civilians in an agricultural warehouse in the village of Kravica near Srebrenica in…

Daily World News Digest, 4 October 2017

Italy’s scheme to stop migration from Libya faces collapse

A key pillar of the Italian government’s effort to stop people crossing the Mediterranean is in danger of collapse as a result of a bloody power struggle in the key Libyan port of Sabratha, the epicentre of human trafficking to Italy.

Colombia: Difficulties over war crimes tribunal

The Special Jurisdiction for Peace (JEP) war crimes tribunal that is part of Colombia’s peace process has caused a coalition crisis and reportedly aroused opposition from the country’s chief prosecutor. The coalition party Radical Change of former Vice-President German Vargas has withdrawn its support for the JEP, which cannot begin to operate until Congress passes a law approving its establishment. The UN warned on Monday that Colombia has already been “deficient” in implementing the agreed peace process.

Law granting immunity for rights violations “threatens Tunisia’s democracy”

A new law adopted by the Tunisian parliament…

Daily World News Digest, 3 October 2017

Colombia: Government-ELN ceasefire

The Colombian government and the nation’s largest remaining guerrilla faction, the National Liberation Army (ELN), have formally entered into a bilateral ceasefire following an agreement reached last month. The government has agreed to improve prison conditions for the roughly 450 ELN guerrillas currently incarcerated and to increase protection efforts for community activists. Over the past two years, right-wing criminal organizations have ramped up their attacks on high-profile community leaders and human rights defenders in rural areas, killing at least 60 in 2016 alone, according to the UN High Commissioner on Human Rights.

Sri Lankan families demand answers on missing relatives

Hundreds of Tamils who are waiting for news of relatives who went missing during the 26-year conflict in Sri Lanka have staged protests to demand justice. The government has undertaken to establish four transitional justice mechanisms to address war crimes, among them forced disappearances. UN High Commissioner…

Daily World News Digest, 2 October 2017

Albania agrees to identify missing persons from communist era

Albania has agreed to work with international experts in identifying people who went missing during the country’s communist past. Prime Minister Edi Rama met Friday with Kathryne Bomberger, Director-General of the International Commission on Missing Persons (ICMP). ICMP said in a statement that they discussed establishing a program to account for those who disappeared.

Mass grave of Da’esh fighters discovered near Mosul

Iraqi forces have discovered a mass grave, west of Mosul containing dozens of bodies of Da’esh fighters, likely killed in an air strike, officials said. A security official, in Nineveh province said that, “around 40 bodies belonging to the Daesh” were found in the pit.

Iran accused of recruiting Afghan children to fight in Syria

Human Rights Watch has accused Iran of committing war crimes by recruiting and sending Afghan immigrant children “as young as 14” to fight in…