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Daily World News Digest, 1 February 2017

Chinese billionaire disappears in Hong Kong

Reuters reports today that the uncertain fate of Xiao Jianhua, a China-born billionaire who was last seen at a luxury Hong Kong hotel a week ago, has raised fresh fears about the city’s autonomy amid media reports he may have been abducted by Chinese agents. There are conflicting accounts of Xiao’s whereabouts, but memories are fresh in Hong Kong of the abduction last year of five staff who worked for a local bookseller that published gossip on China’s leaders. Three of the staff were detained while in China, but two with foreign passports were taken there against their will from Thailand and Hong Kong. A Hong Kong government source said key details on Xiao’s case still needed to be clarified, but the initial signs were “worrying”. The Financial Times reported that Xiao, who runs Tomorrow Holdings, a financial group headquartered in Beijing, was abducted…