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Daily World News Digest, 3 February 2015

UN court dismisses Croatia and Serbia genocide claims

The BBC reports that the International Court of Justice has ruled that Serbia and Croatia did not commit acts of genocide against each other during the Balkan wars. The Croatian government had alleged that Serbia committed genocide in the town of Vukovar and elsewhere in 1991. Serbia later filed a counter-claim over the expulsion of more than 200,000 Serbs from Croatia. The Croatian town of Vukovar was devastated when it was occupied by Serbs for three months in 1991. Tens of thousands of ethnic Croats were displaced, and about 260 Croat men were detained and killed. Four years later, the Croatian military’s Operation Storm bombarded the majority ethnic-Serb Krajina area, forcing about 200,000 people from their homes. Speaking in court on Tuesday, Judge Peter Tomka dismissed both the Croatian claim and the Serbian counter-claim. Forces on both sides had carried out violent…

Daily World News Digest, 2 February 2015



Mexico must compile national missing persons list

The Associated Press reports that Mexico’s national Human Rights Commission will present a report to the UN today citing the absence of “a comprehensive national list of the missing” as one of the contributory factors to Mexico’s systemic missing persons crisis. Commission Chairman Luis Raul Gonzalez Perez said officials need to systemize and debug various existing databases because there is no “effective, comprehensive and transparent national” registry that would allow officials to know the real number of people who have disappeared in Mexico.

Egyptian authorities accused of covering up protester deaths

Evidence gathered by Amnesty International published on 1 February indicates that the Egyptian authorities are attempting to cover up the deaths of more than two dozen people who were killed in protests marking the 2011 uprising last weekend, according to an Amnesty press release. Prosecutors have threatened eyewitnesses with arrest and at…

Daily World News Digest 30 January 2015

Human Rights Watch: World Report 2015

Human Rights Watch published its 25th Annual Report on 29 January covering more than 90 countries. The 644-page report identified a systemic global threat to human rights cause by a tendency of governments to downgrade human rights protection when faced with serious security challenges. “Human rights violations played a major role in spawning or aggravating many of today’s crises,” HRW Executive Director Kenneth Roth said. “Protecting human rights and ensuring democratic accountability are key to resolving them.”

Serbian Army Chief Accused Over Kosovo Killings 

Balkan Insight reported on 29 January that the Humanitarian Law Centre NGO in Belgrade has alleged in a new report published on Thursday that current Serbian Army chief Ljubisa Dikovic was the commander of the 37th Brigade of the Yugoslav Army responsible for attacks on four villages in the Drenica area between 5 April and 27 May 1999, when…

Daily World News Digest 29 January 2015

Mexico: Missing students are dead, but many questions remain

The Christian Science Monitor reports today on the reaction of families of the missing to Tuesday’s announcement by the Mexican authorities that all 43 students who disappeared in the southern town of Iguala in September are dead. It notes that the government statement came just one day before the one-year anniversary of the launch of President Enrique Peña Nieto’s anti-kidnapping strategy. The citizen group Stop Kidnapping, part of a government oversight panel on kidnapping, announced on Tuesday that Mexico saw a 30 percent increase in kidnapping cases between 2013 (2,166 cases) and 2014 (2,818 cases). Government figures put the number of kidnappings in Mexico in 2013 at 1,698, and in 2014 at 1,394 – a decrease of about 18 percent.

Mexican President tells nation to ‘move on’ from 43 students

On 28 January reported Mexican President Peña Nieto’s statement on…

Former ICMP Director Named in Queen Elizabeth’s New Year’s Honors List

Adam Boys named in the United Kingdom’s New Year’s Honors List as an Officer of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire

Adam Boys, Director of Operations at the International Commission on Missing Persons until October this year, has been named in the United Kingdom’s New Year’s Honors List as an Officer of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire. The award recognizes more than 20 years of work in Bosnia and Herzegovina, initially delivering humanitarian aid and subsequently promoting post-war recovery and reconciliation.

“The OBE is a great honor, and I believe it particularly reflects a growing recognition of the importance of the work that ICMP is doing throughout the world to tackle the problem of missing persons in a systematic and effective way,” Boys said.

Boys, who was seriously injured in a car crash while helping to deliver aid in Herzegovina in 1994, served as Chief Financial Officer for the UK’s mission to the International Conference on the Former Yugoslavia in 1995 and 1996. From 1996 to 2000…