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International Day of the Disappeared

Events were organized around the world on 30 August to mark the International Day of the Disappeared, a commemoration designed to raise public awareness about the issue of missing persons from armed conflict and human rights abuses.

“Today is an appropriate occasion on which to recall that the issue of missing persons represents a global challenge that requires a global solution,” ICMP Director-General Kathryne Bomberger said in a statement. “As governments around the world struggle to come to terms with missing persons crises, it is essential that the issue is addressed in a way that focuses on strategic and institutional solutions.”

Ms Bomberger stressed that “whether a person is missing from conflict, human rights abuses, disasters or other causes, it is  a complex issue that entails securing the rights of families of the missing  ,” and she added that as the only international organization exclusively dedicated to accounting for the missing,…

Daily World News Digest, 1 September 2015

Argentina “stolen child” abducted in 1978 found

The BBC reported on 1 September that campaigners in Argentina have identified another child abducted from left-wing political prisoners during military rule between 1976 and 1983. The Grandmothers of the Plaza de Mayo group, an organization that tries to find children abducted during the war, says DNA tests confirm the woman, now in her thirties, was the daughter of communist activists seized in 1977. Her mother gave birth in prison and both her biological parents, who belonged to the Argentine Communist Marxist Leninist party, were never seen again. The organization says there are still more than 400 others to be found. Human rights groups say the kidnapping of babies was part of a systematic government plan. The plan was to place the children of people the government considered subversive with military families and allies to avoid raising another generation of left-wing radicals. The…