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BiH CoM Chairman Bevanda: Search for Missing Persons Will Help Reach Justice and Peace

22 January 2014: Chairman of the Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina Vjekoslav Bevanda and the Minister for Refugees and Displaced Persons Damir Ljubic received today the Director General of the International Commission on Missing Persons (ICMP) Kathryne Bomberger.

During the discussion, the Chairman Bevanda and Minister Ljubic expressed their appreciation and their full support to the activities of ICMP in resolving the issue of missing persons in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

ICMP Director General visits Mexico to discuss the issue of missing persons

20 January 2014: The political will of the Mexican authorities is essential for achieving further progress in addressing the issue of disappearances in the country and in the state of Nuevo Leon, Director General of the International Commission on Missing Persons Kathryne Bomberger said during her visit to Mexico.

During her stay in Mexico Bomberger had a private meeting with the Attorney General of the State of Nuevo León, Adrian de la Garza, and Sister Consuelo Morales, director of Citizens in Support for Human Rights” CADHAC,…

Iraqi Families of Missing Persons Hold 4th Meeting of the Joint ‘Ship of Life’ Association

15 January 2014: The ICMP facilitated the 4th meeting of the “Ship of Life” Association of Families of Missing Persons between the 8th and 9th of January, in Erbil Iraq. The meeting focused on developing a legal framework to allow the Association to become a formally recognized NGO in Iraq.

In addition to representatives of families of missing persons, the Iraqi Martyrs’ Foundation and The Kurdish Regional Government’s Ministry of Martyrs and Anfal Affairs were represented.